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            Justin Lennox Williams is a freelance cinematographer and photographer, based out of Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Justin was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, where he later acquired his education at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Justin graduated from Temple University’s business school in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Justin’s career in cinematography unofficially began in 2011 upon discovering and experimenting with his parent’s 35mm camera. This passion developed into a professional career in 2015 when he began engaging in freelance camera work in the Philadelphia area. 

            After working in Philadelphia, as well as New York City, for several years, Justin relocated to Los Angeles in 2019. Justin prides himself on his versatility as a cinematographer and sought out the opportunity to give his work a bicoastal influence. In addition to his versatility, Justin’s other achievements as a cinematographer are his experimentation with shooting footage on film and developing his own unique style of creating work through older mediums with modern techniques. Justin aspires to use his style of cinematography to expand into the visual realms of shooting narratives, music videos, and fashion commercials. One of Justin’s other goals is to meet more artists like himself in order to enhance his visual creativity.

            Justin’s values as a cinematographer have had great influence on his work, in which he sees his role as an artist to be a social provocateur and to inspire others to create the change they want to see in the world. Justin’s values are reflected in how he approaches his work, in which he lives life as if he is looking through a lens. This allows him to visualize and focus on the mundane aspect of life from a different and unique perspective. In his private life, Justin has a myriad of hobbies and interests, including skateboarding, developing film, repairing cameras, listening to his vinyl collection, caring for his plants, and enhancing his skills as an amateur musician. Justin also enjoys watching films from The Criterion Collection, a collection of important films compiled for cinema aficionados, in order to expand his knowledge of the medium of film and learn how to improve upon his own work as a cinematographer. Visual storytelling is Justin’s passion and he is always in search of the next great collaboration.

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